Serenity Now/Equality Now - Domestic Violence Center
Firefly/Serenity Charity Marathon

$300 to Equality Now,
$300 and 22 cellphones to Cleveland's Domestic Violence Center

Joss Whedon's Firefly and Serenity on the big screen.
One year after Serenity's premier.
To benefit Joss Whedon's favorite charity, Equality Now
and Cleveland's Domestic Violence Center.

"I'm not going to say it's the best science fiction movie, ever.
Oh, wait. Yes I am."
--Orson Scott Card (author of "Ender's Game")

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Schmitt Auditorium then Strosacker Auditorium
Case Western Reserve University Campus
Sunday, October 1, 2006
Noon to Midnight!
[click here for the schedule]

Public Transit
FREE parking in lot off MLK just south of Euclid Ave!

Tickets--Suggested donations at the door
12n -- $20 (full day event)
6pm -- $15 (dinner and Serenity)
7pm -- $10 (Serenity and more!)

Raffle prizes! Costume contest!

Donate to Equality Now How did you hear about Equality Now? Please enter code SNEN-CLE

Donate to Cleveland's Domestic Violence Center

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Kick back and Watch some vids!

Joss Whedon's acceptance of Equality Now honors
Introduced by Meryl Streep
Official/Quicktime    YouTube

Done the Impossible
The Fans' Tale of Firefly & Serenity - A Documentary

River Tam Sessions
Viral marketing with Joss Whedon and Summer Glau

Joss playing a fanboy, playing Joss


Watch the first 9 minutes!

A passenger with a deadly secret. Six rebels on the run. An assassin in pursuit. When the renegade crew of Serenity agrees to hide a fugitive on their ship, they find themselves in an action-packed battle between the relentless military might of a totalitarian regime who will destroy anything - or anyone - to get the girl back and the bloodthirsty creatures who roam the uncharted areas of space. But, the greatest danger of all may be on their ship.

Equality Now

Equality Now was founded in 1992 to work for the protection and promotion of the human rights of women around the world. Working with national human rights organizations and individual activists, Equality Now documents violence and discrimination against women and mobilizes international action to support their efforts to stop these human rights abuses.

There are two ways to fight a battle like ours. One is to whisper in the ear of the masses, try subtlely and gradually to change the gender expectations and mythic structures of our culture. That's me. The other is to step up and confront the thousands of atrocities that are taking place around the world on an immediate, one-by-one basis. That's a great deal harder, and that's Equality Now. It's not about politics; it's about basic human decency.

- Joss Whedon

All of us at Equality Now continue to be amazed by and grateful for the Browncoats' and Serenity fans' generous and committed support for our work. Their energy and enthusiasm is inspiring and these screenings are coming at a critical time when we are especially in need of funds! We thank each and every one of them and Happy Birthday to Joss!"

- Amanda Sullivan, Equality Now

Domestic Violence Center

The Domestic Violence Center is committed to a comprehensive approach to ending domestic violence and fostering peaceful relationships. The Domestic Violence Center exists to break the cycle of domestic violence in society by empowering victims and changing societal attitudes concerning domestic violence.

DVC operates the 24-hour helpline [216-391-HELP (4357)] for domestic violence victims and responds to over 20,000 calls annually. DVC provides shelters, counseling, Justice System Advocacy, support groups, and supervised visitation for victims of domestic violence.

Can't Stop The Serenity

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Firefly/Serenity Charity Marathon
Case Film Society
Sunday, October 1
Noon to Midnight

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